Sep 16

Ok, here goes. I’m announcing the Promises Today website to the world!

Sep 15


This is my story. It was a long journey but now in 2011 I’m alive, well and loving life! Have a look at About Me to find out a bit more.

The best way to read the story is to start in January 2010 archive. Enjoy!

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Sep 15

I realised today that I’m overdoing it!

Hayley Geurts has finally come to her senses! Radiotherapy is starting to take it’s toll so I really have to SLOW down! Resting is such hard work for me!!
15 September 07:58

Hayley Geurts about to get blasted again. I think I’m about halfway now. Lord, I need your strength! I’m so tired!!
15 September 17:13

Hayley Geurts Doc said I looked tired, asked if I was drinking enough and resting. My response: “resting? What’s that?” Ok mebbe I need to listen now!
15 September 17:32

Sep 14

As if I’m not busy enough, I decided that a nice distraction from all the treatment would be a choir! Mum sent me a link for Rock Choir a while ago and in July I went for a taster session. It’s great fun! I met some lovely peeps and we started to learn Oh Happy Day from Sister Act 2, one of my fave songs ever! One of those songs that gives you goosebumps when it’s sung properly. We were learning some beautiful harmonies. I’m looking forward to more rehearsals and then a concert in November! Yippee!

Sep 12

Jan and Martin Spicer replied to one of my update emails a few months ago, inviting us to come stay with them anytime. Now normally I would write back and say, “aww thanks” but not take someone up on such an offer. Well, this one we did! We went away for the weekend from Friday 10th til Sunday 12th September. It was absolutely fabulous! They were SO welcoming, even though I hadn’t seen them in over 10 years and they had never met Djerk or the boys! The hospitality was amazing. They also had the added bonus of a swimming pool in their goooorgeous back garden. The boys had a whale of a time (Djerk included!) splashing around and swimming. I did have a swim and splash around too, but didn’t want to to tire myself out too much! I spent most of the time by the side of the pool on a lounger reading a book! The weather was breezy but sunny, except for the odd shower here and there. Their youngest daughter Emily had prayed specifically for good weather! Praise God!

We entered as relative strangers and left as friends! Another way that God’s kingdom is just so amazing!! Thank you Lord for such a family. It was great to recharge the batteries before another week of radiotherapy. 🙂

Sep 9

From Facebook:

Hayley Geurts just had my first haircut! Ok granted, no scissors involved just clippers and they only took a couple of millimetres off, but it’s tidy now!
09 September at 17:33

Sep 9

Tamoxifen doesn’t seem to be causing me any adverse symptoms! Praise God!

Here’s a couple of Facebook updates:

Hayley Geurts is at hospital, waiting for first radiation blast. It’s all good. God was with me in the car as I sang praises to Him and He’s with me now.
02 September at 11:10

Hayley Geurts Armour of God – not much to cover our backside! We’re not supposed to be running from challenge but into the middle of it! @HollyWagnerLA
03 September at 21:51

Hayley Geurts had a fantastic time at Bethany CC! @JulianCAdams preach this morning was superb! What a wonderful family of God! Now lunch in St Albans.
05 September at 14:21

Hayley Geurts Radiation time! I am actually enjoying the drive to and fro, gives me time to listen to some great teaching on mp3 and time with my Father!
06 September at 16:40

Hayley Geurts is a beautiful warrior! Victory is certain but there are still battles to be fought. Tired from radiation, travel, work and life – but God!!
06 September at 23:09

Hayley Geurts just been sent some gorgeous flowers from Brian and Kim Darwood! Soooooo sweet!!
07 September at 13:50

Hayley Geurts Wow! God is good! Nuff said.
08 September at 14:50

Hayley Geurts is just so thankful for such amazing friends and family that I am surrounded by! You know who you are!!!
09 September at 10:55

Sep 2

Email to all:

Hello everyone,

Wow, what a summer! Full of friends, family, fun and food! We had a lovely time in Holland on a family holiday, but would have preferred to go for longer so that we could see more people and relax too! Together@Shuttleworth (regional church weekend away) was brilliant! I spent a lot of time working on site with Dad but still got to see some people and experience more of God! I’ve been having a bit of a “new-start” summer. Things are slowly coming to an end and yet things are starting too! Amazing! Change is good right? :o)

The next thing that is starting is my radiotherapy treatment. I will be heading off to Cambridge toady for an 11am appointment for my first blast of radiation. It will be every working day (weekends off) until the 22nd September. With my first cancer battle in 2005 I endured 5 weeks of radiotherapy and it was definitely hard going, but having been through chemo I don’t think it will be as tough as I remember. I felt relatively normal for a week or so, but then it started to build up and eventually I was just sooo tired! I think this time around may be quite similar. Please could you pray that I receive some more supernatural energy from my Creator and also that my skin is protected from the radiation. There is a chance that my skin will be burned during the process, but last time I wasn’t really affected in that way, so here’s praying that this time is the same!

Another thing starting today is Tamoxifen. I have been holding off with taking them until now as I wanted to experience a summer holiday without any side effects! I have been a little anxious about taking them, but my oncologist has assured me that the drug will reduce the risk of the cancer returning quite significantly, so here goes! First one today. I have to take it everyday for the next 5 years. Please pray that there are ZERO side-effects and that it does its job efficiently. :o)

Cancer has featured a lot recently in what I have been reading, seeing on telly/internet and hearing from people close to me and close to other people who are affected by it. As someone who has suffered through 2 types of cancer, one rare and the other common, it is so easy to be gripped by fear. Fear of which cancer will affect me or someone I love next. I just want to make a statement to you all. I believe in a God who heals. His purpose for our lives does NOT include sickness. Jesus came to give us life and in the Bible it states that “he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” That, my friends, is what I believe. I will NOT live in fear of cancer or any other sickness. I will live in the knowledge that my God is for me! I pray that you know this in your hearts and also experience His healing hand.

I love you all very much, thank you for your continuing support.


Aug 31

I had a great summer! It was full of family, friends and fun times! Here’s a couple of Facebook updates and pics:

Hayley Geurts has just seen an amazing production at @purwellprimary, what a talented year 6 class they had this year! Wow! DVD is now being produced…
21 July at 23:12

Hayley Geurts can’t believe the end of term is here! Finally!! :o)
23 July at 07:58

Hayley Geurts has so much peace in her heart for the first time in a long time. An evening with Jesus loving friends is so therapeutic! Thx Lord!!!
24 July at 09:00

Hayley Geurts Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever. It’s us that change and run away. He’s waiting for you with open arms.
25 July at 08:15

Hayley Geurts had a fab weekend seeing family, old friends and visiting Hope Community Church. It’s not over yet though! Visit to Bethany church tonite!
25 July at 17:03

Hayley Geurts just laughed so hard that her sides hurt! God’s Spirit is soooooooo fab!
25 July at 23:28

Hayley Geurts Why can’t I watch a Disney, Pixar WB or Dreamworks animated film without crying?????
26 July at 16:35

Hayley Geurts Why isn’t life simpler sometimes? Wow, I am SO happy that I can give it all over to my Father. Can you?
26 July at 22:17

Hayley Geurts is so completely and utterly blessed by the friends she has. You lot are AMAZING!!! I thank God for you!
27 July at 23:46

Hayley Geurts Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen
 Eph 3:20.
28 July at 09:15

Hayley Geurts has just booked the tickets for Toy Story 3! Woop woop! This afternoon at 16:15. Can’t wait to see the kids faces. :o)
30 July at 11:52

Hayley Geurts Our God is an awesome God, He reigns! Nuff said…
31 July at 18:18

Hayley Geurts is with my family and feels so loved. :o)
01 August at 16:38

Hayley Geurts is having a lazy morning with Josh. Loverly…
04 August at 10:48

Hayley Geurts just downloaded loads of @newfrontiers messages then discovered 2nd Chapter of Acts on iTunes and bought Roar of Love (Narnia) Woohoo!
04 August at 14:26

Hayley Geurts thought the sun was going to shine! Took her friend plus our four kiddies to Fairlands and now it’s cloudy and ffffffreeezing!
05 August at 11:33

Hayley Geurts is out at Ivory in Hitchin. Having cocktails with a friend. Feeling a bit old and mumsie though as the place is empty!! Haha!
06 August at 22:28

Hayley Geurts is absolutely shattered. Was @PurwellPrimary helping to finish off the new sound system. It’s AMAZING! My hubby @dmgeurts is a genius!!!
07 August at 16:15

Hayley Geurts had lovely lunch, stroll by the river and now watching the boys lose their remaining energy in a playground. I am so blessed by my family.
08 August at 15:36

Hayley Geurts is on her way to London with her two boys. It’s gonna be fun but I must be insane to attempt this alone!! Ahh well, we’ll see what happens.
11 August at 10:53

Hayley Geurts Treasure hunt was a success! Hurrah!
15 August at 16:03

Hayley Geurts arrived safely in Berkel, NL. It’s good to be “home”!
16 August at 16:45

Hayley Geurts had a lovely afternoon with good friends. Nothing like it!!
21 August at 22:35

Hayley Geurts misses her friends and “omas” from the Wijnstok church!!
22 August at 13:54

Hayley Geurts is helping to setup at Shuttleworth. Very cool working with Dad again! :o)
24 August at 18:43

Hayley Geurts has arrived home from #Together@Shuttleworth. I’m being a pansy and sleeping in my own bed then going back in the morning! Haha!
29 August at 21:43

Hayley Geurts is back home from #Together@Shuttleworth. Tired yet peaceful. Thanks Lord for amazing Christian friends! So invigorating and motivating!
30 August at 18:30

Hayley Geurts washing, ironing, cleaning, IT work, radiotherapy, shopping, getting boys ready for school, it’s gonna be a crazy week!!
31 August at 09:59

Jul 21

Email to all:

Hello everyone,

Wow, what a ride! It all started in February with diagnosis and surgery. March, April, May and June were filled by chemotherapy with up weeks and down weeks. Now I have to wait until September for the last part of my treatment to be completed. I am hoping that the hospitals finally sort themselves out and I will be going to Cambridge for radiotherapy in September. Once that is over I will just have Tamoxifen to take to suppress the estrogen in my body, which is what the type of breast cancer I had feeds upon. I will then have 3-6 monthly check ups and mammograms every so often.

I want to thank all of you who receive this email for your love, support and encouragement throughout this process I have been going through. Thank you for your prayers too. :o)

I also want to thank all those that came to our party last weekend. It was the BEST night ever and exceeded all my expectations! It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many amazing friends and family members. I’m just so sorry that we couldn’t spend time with all of you. I just wanted to split myself into tiny bits and sit with everyone!! I guess that’s what you get with big parties like that. :o) Thank you for all your amazing gifts and cards, we were extremely spoiled by you all!!

There are some photos up on Facebook, but we also had an incredibly talented photographer there. He’s my brother-in-law’s brother, Andrew Gardner. He owns The Boutique Photography Company. You can view photos on his website and also order prints from him directly if you wish. Register your name etc and the password to view the gallery is: maizymoo.

So, this will be the last update until radiotherapy begins in September. I hope you all have an amazing summer holiday.

Love you all very much.

God bless,

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