Radiotherapy Continues…

Tamoxifen doesn’t seem to be causing me any adverse symptoms! Praise God!

Here’s a couple of Facebook updates:

Hayley Geurts is at hospital, waiting for first radiation blast. It’s all good. God was with me in the car as I sang praises to Him and He’s with me now.
02 September at 11:10

Hayley Geurts Armour of God – not much to cover our backside! We’re not supposed to be running from challenge but into the middle of it! @HollyWagnerLA
03 September at 21:51

Hayley Geurts had a fantastic time at Bethany CC! @JulianCAdams preach this morning was superb! What a wonderful family of God! Now lunch in St Albans.
05 September at 14:21

Hayley Geurts Radiation time! I am actually enjoying the drive to and fro, gives me time to listen to some great teaching on mp3 and time with my Father!
06 September at 16:40

Hayley Geurts is a beautiful warrior! Victory is certain but there are still battles to be fought. Tired from radiation, travel, work and life – but God!!
06 September at 23:09

Hayley Geurts just been sent some gorgeous flowers from Brian and Kim Darwood! Soooooo sweet!!
07 September at 13:50

Hayley Geurts Wow! God is good! Nuff said.
08 September at 14:50

Hayley Geurts is just so thankful for such amazing friends and family that I am surrounded by! You know who you are!!!
09 September at 10:55

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