Weekend Away!

Jan and Martin Spicer replied to one of my update emails a few months ago, inviting us to come stay with them anytime. Now normally I would write back and say, “aww thanks” but not take someone up on such an offer. Well, this one we did! We went away for the weekend from Friday 10th til Sunday 12th September. It was absolutely fabulous! They were SO welcoming, even though I hadn’t seen them in over 10 years and they had never met Djerk or the boys! The hospitality was amazing. They also had the added bonus of a swimming pool in their goooorgeous back garden. The boys had a whale of a time (Djerk included!) splashing around and swimming. I did have a swim and splash around too, but didn’t want to to tire myself out too much! I spent most of the time by the side of the pool on a lounger reading a book! The weather was breezy but sunny, except for the odd shower here and there. Their youngest daughter Emily had prayed specifically for good weather! Praise God!

We entered as relative strangers and left as friends! Another way that God’s kingdom is just so amazing!! Thank you Lord for such a family. It was great to recharge the batteries before another week of radiotherapy. 🙂

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