Summer hols!

I had a great summer! It was full of family, friends and fun times! Here’s a couple of Facebook updates and pics:

Hayley Geurts has just seen an amazing production at @purwellprimary, what a talented year 6 class they had this year! Wow! DVD is now being produced…
21 July at 23:12

Hayley Geurts can’t believe the end of term is here! Finally!! :o)
23 July at 07:58

Hayley Geurts has so much peace in her heart for the first time in a long time. An evening with Jesus loving friends is so therapeutic! Thx Lord!!!
24 July at 09:00

Hayley Geurts Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever. It’s us that change and run away. He’s waiting for you with open arms.
25 July at 08:15

Hayley Geurts had a fab weekend seeing family, old friends and visiting Hope Community Church. It’s not over yet though! Visit to Bethany church tonite!
25 July at 17:03

Hayley Geurts just laughed so hard that her sides hurt! God’s Spirit is soooooooo fab!
25 July at 23:28

Hayley Geurts Why can’t I watch a Disney, Pixar WB or Dreamworks animated film without crying?????
26 July at 16:35

Hayley Geurts Why isn’t life simpler sometimes? Wow, I am SO happy that I can give it all over to my Father. Can you?
26 July at 22:17

Hayley Geurts is so completely and utterly blessed by the friends she has. You lot are AMAZING!!! I thank God for you!
27 July at 23:46

Hayley Geurts Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen
 Eph 3:20.
28 July at 09:15

Hayley Geurts has just booked the tickets for Toy Story 3! Woop woop! This afternoon at 16:15. Can’t wait to see the kids faces. :o)
30 July at 11:52

Hayley Geurts Our God is an awesome God, He reigns! Nuff said…
31 July at 18:18

Hayley Geurts is with my family and feels so loved. :o)
01 August at 16:38

Hayley Geurts is having a lazy morning with Josh. Loverly…
04 August at 10:48

Hayley Geurts just downloaded loads of @newfrontiers messages then discovered 2nd Chapter of Acts on iTunes and bought Roar of Love (Narnia) Woohoo!
04 August at 14:26

Hayley Geurts thought the sun was going to shine! Took her friend plus our four kiddies to Fairlands and now it’s cloudy and ffffffreeezing!
05 August at 11:33

Hayley Geurts is out at Ivory in Hitchin. Having cocktails with a friend. Feeling a bit old and mumsie though as the place is empty!! Haha!
06 August at 22:28

Hayley Geurts is absolutely shattered. Was @PurwellPrimary helping to finish off the new sound system. It’s AMAZING! My hubby @dmgeurts is a genius!!!
07 August at 16:15

Hayley Geurts had lovely lunch, stroll by the river and now watching the boys lose their remaining energy in a playground. I am so blessed by my family.
08 August at 15:36

Hayley Geurts is on her way to London with her two boys. It’s gonna be fun but I must be insane to attempt this alone!! Ahh well, we’ll see what happens.
11 August at 10:53

Hayley Geurts Treasure hunt was a success! Hurrah!
15 August at 16:03

Hayley Geurts arrived safely in Berkel, NL. It’s good to be “home”!
16 August at 16:45

Hayley Geurts had a lovely afternoon with good friends. Nothing like it!!
21 August at 22:35

Hayley Geurts misses her friends and “omas” from the Wijnstok church!!
22 August at 13:54

Hayley Geurts is helping to setup at Shuttleworth. Very cool working with Dad again! :o)
24 August at 18:43

Hayley Geurts has arrived home from #Together@Shuttleworth. I’m being a pansy and sleeping in my own bed then going back in the morning! Haha!
29 August at 21:43

Hayley Geurts is back home from #Together@Shuttleworth. Tired yet peaceful. Thanks Lord for amazing Christian friends! So invigorating and motivating!
30 August at 18:30

Hayley Geurts washing, ironing, cleaning, IT work, radiotherapy, shopping, getting boys ready for school, it’s gonna be a crazy week!!
31 August at 09:59

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