Late update

Hi everyone,

Well, I’ve been such a busy bunny, I haven’t sat down long enough to write an update!

Just to let you know that the radiation burn, although jolly painful, was sorted with Flamazine cream and lots of dressings. It has healed up really nicely and actually has helped with the scar tissue! It’s made it more supple and the skin isn’t so tight anymore!

I have also had to battle another side effect of radiation, lymphedema. Simply put, it’s the build up of lymph fluid in my body, caused by the fact that they took out a lot of my lymph glands to test them for spreading of the breast cancer. Unfortunately it’s not something that can be cured, just treated. I’ve got exercises and massage to deal with the fluid when it builds up. It has caused a couple of nasty bouts of mastitis in my breast (not nice AT all). I had to have quite heavy antibiotics to settle it down and there is no way anyone can say if it will stay away or if I will get it again. I’l just have to keep going with the exercises and massage and pray for complete healing!

The Tamoxifen doesn’t seem to have any real effect on me. I sometimes get hot flushes and I’m finding it hard to lose weight (but I had that BEFORE taking Tami! Haha!)

My 30th birthday was on the 21st October and I had a really lovely time with friends and family. I had an auction at Just Desserts in Hitchin and raised an amazing total of £110 for Cancer Research UK! Thanks to all my lovely friends and family who came!

I’m doing quite well health-wise at the moment (except for the seasonal flu) I’m looking forward to 2011. Lot of changes coming! Will keep you all posted. :o)

I have heard of at least 6 people who have very recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and it makes me so mad! It’s an epidemic! I completely agree with my sister (a self confessed hippy type) who is looking into ways of reducing toxins and radiation in her life. Something is not right! We need to wake up and realise that this is effecting us. We can’t escape it. Lord, bring healing to our land and our lives!

I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas! Remember the real reason for the season…. Jesus!

Love you!

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