Radiation almost done!

Hi everyone,

This is my first true “blog” entry! The others were just from emails and Facebook updates, but this one is off the cuff and straight into my new Promises Today blog.

I’ve been MEGA busy since setting this up on the 15th and 16th September and now. We have had OFSTED come to Purwell Primary (the school both my sons are going to, I’m a governor and IT person there too!) so that took a lot of my time and a LOAD of energy! I’ve also been continuing the long journey to and from Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge for my radiation treatment. The first couple of weeks were ok, but for a few days I have noticed that the skin in my armpit and also around the scar is beginning to burn quite badly. Ouch! I have 2 more blasts to endure and then treatment is OVER! Woop woop! I may find that the skin will continue to burn, but it should wear off soon. Imagine what it’s like when you get sunburn (well, I get sunburnt a LOT seeing as I’m a pasty white British blonde!) and it still feels like it’s burning after a couple of days, well, that’s radiation for you! Just a shame I won’t be getting a decent tan after this!!

Mum spent the week with us, driving me to and from Cambridge, cleaning and generally helping out! What an amazing woman! She gave up her holiday time to come and look after me. Wow. Love you so much Mummy!!

Right at the beginning of it all, my darling Mummy-in-law was praying for me and was reminded of this song, Hosanna. I hope you enjoy it. Keep fighting! He’s right there beside you!

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