Radiotherapy next!

I was due to begin radiotherapy on the 19th July, a couple of days after our big party. Things changed…


Hayley Geurts is about to go on a loooong journey to Mount Vernon hospital (nr Watford) during early morning rush hour traffic. Radiotherapy prep = BLAH!
16 July at 07:19

Hayley Geurts Check me out, I’m getting a tattoo!!! Haha!
16 July at 09:12

Hayley Geurts went all that way for nothing. Radiotherapy has to be moved to September now. PANTS! Oh well, on with the summer hols!!
16 July at 11:32

Hayley Geurts feels very relaxed. Radiotherapy pushed back to Sept, Willow Foundation break in October and party tomorrow!! God you are so good to me!
16 July at 14:53

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