The power of prayer!

Email to all:

Hi everyone,

Well, chemo number 6 is imminent. The nurse is coming around 1pm today to give me the last, final, concluding, ultimate chemo treatment! Woohoo! I am strangely looking forward to it!! How is that?? LOL I am so glad that this will be the last “bad” week I have to endure. It’s not going to be pretty, it never is, but I think I may deal with it better knowing that it’s the last time.

I am also going to deal with it much better knowing that my God is with me. Also, the knowledge that a multitude of people have been praying and will continue to pray for me. I went to St Faith’s church in Hitchin yesterday to see my good friend Bairbre’s two girls take their first communion. It was a lovely service, very different to my usual church experience, but they were a very welcoming, friendly and God-praising community. I was waiting for the service to start and I began to read the weekly notices. At the top of the second page was a note saying: “Please remember in your prayers….” and within a list of people was my name! So, the service began and I had tears in my eyes. Then, about half way through the service they had a section for Prayer and Intercession. A man got up and began to pray for various things. I then hear my name being spoken out in the service!!! At this point the tears begin to flow freely. I could not believe that a church, who for the most part has no idea who I am, will lift me in prayer each week! It touched my heart in such a powerful way.

Last night I was chatting with Navaz D’Cruz from Word of Grace church in Pune, India, part of Newfrontiers. Djerk and I were introduced to us by Djerk’s parents a few years ago. I have only met her a couple of times, but yet she, and the entire church, are praying for me!! She asked me for a picture so that the church could put a face to a name. God’s Church is such a beautiful and marvelous thing to behold! Thank you to EVERYONE who is lifting me in prayer. God hears! I am flying through this treatment cycle so fast and the “down” weeks are actually going ok and I’m not too sick, just very very tired and drained. When I compare the reaction some people have to chemo and how I am coping with it, the difference is huge! I put it all down to the supernatural energy and support I receive from my heavenly Father, fueled by the prayers of friends, family and even strangers!! :o)

On a whole different note and looking towards the future (woohoo!) I have a couple of things to ask of you all. I have attached the invite to our party on the 17th July. You are ALL invited!! If you haven’t received the “snail mail” card in the post yet, please let me have your address and I will send it through. I would love to see as many of you there as possible!! You have all been such a support to me. Thank you so so so much. There will be a bar, snacky food, cake, a faaaabulous DJ and me! A great reason to dress up and party with friends and family. Can’t wait!!

The other thing is to ask for all your money!! Not for me, but for Cancer Research UK. I am “running” (read WALKING there) in the Race for Life in Stevenage on the 11th July at 11am. If you would like to join me I believe that you can still enter – If you can’t be there, perhaps you would sponsor me? My sponsorship page is here:

Right, off to work for a couple of hours then back for chemo 6. Bring it ON!!!

Lots of love to you all,

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