Opening my heart to all…

Email to all: 3am!

Hi all,

Yes, I know this email is being written at 3am in the morning, but the fact is that I can’t sleep and I feel I would like to share a couple of things with you all. I’ll go to sleep after, promise!

My 5th chemo session was last Monday, only 6 days ago and today I feel like I’m me again! Hurrah! I have had the usual week of feeling down, tired, drained and generally meh. But through this week, and especially today, I have had some great moments and lots of things to make me smile. I would like to publicly thank a few people for that. My Nan, Doreen to most of you, is just the best. She has been coming over to our home every time I have chemo and stays for a few of days to help out. (then goes home to rest – poor thing!) She cooks, cleans, takes care of my boys and is a great companion to me on my “sofa-bound” days. I love you Nan, thank you so much. My Mum has also been a rock, checking up on me during the week and sending me a little card in the post. Then today she and Dad came over and she cooked us an amazing roast beef dinner with all the trimmings and apple pie for dessert! What a woman! Thank you Mum!! There are also other members of the “meals on wheels” crew, Sue, Grace, Aletheia and Faith! Thank you for your dinners this week. You guys are simply amazing. You all take time out of your very very busy lives to provide for our family. May God bless you mightily in return for your blessing to us.

I want to say a big thank you to all recipients of this email. Many of you reply to my emails with the most amazing and encouraging words. It is an immeasurable comfort and support to me to know that you are following my progress through this season I’m going through. It is also an incredible blessing to know that many of you are lifting me, Djerk and the boys in prayer. I can tell you one thing, God is listening!!

Some people wonder why on earth I feel ok with sharing my journey with so many people and so publicly. Many people on this email list will know me well and some will know me just a lil bit. I am an open person by nature and often tell people how I’m feeling. I think living in Holland for 9 years kicked the British part of me out. You know the part, the one that always answers “I’m fine” to the “How are you doing?” question… The Dutch have a great knack of being straight with you, honest and up front. I love it! So, hence me being up front and honest about what I’m going through. Hope that’s ok. :o)

I hope that the account of my journey through this cancer treatment encourages people but most importantly, glorifies my heavenly Father. I would not even want to imagine what going through something like this would be like, without the knowledge that God is with me every step. I have a hope for the future that is unrivaled by anything else. I’m not talking about a wishy washy maybe something will happen or an unsure “I hope it will….”. The hope I am talking about is a confident expectation, a sure certainty that God’s promises are true and will happen! Promises of joy, love, peace, grace and so much more! I pray that each of you know that kind of hope. If you don’t, go find it in Jesus! You won’t be disappointed! :o)

I love you all very much.
Speak soon.

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