Life during good weeks

Life defintely carried on during the good weeks. I am a “doer” and I find it very very hard to rest! A lot of people have recognised this trait in me and many of my Facebook friends would ask me to slow down a bit! Hehe… Never!

Hayley Geurts just had a great time of prayer! Feeling released and revived! God is GREAT!
27 May at 23:06

Hayley Geurts can’t believe that her little boy is 7 years old today! Madness!
28 May at 16:50

Hayley Geurts is praying that the Holy Spirit leads worship tomorrow, not her.
30 May at 00:00

Hayley Geurts Let my lifesong sing to you! Jesus, I want to sign your name at the end of this day, knowing that my heart was true.
30 May at 09:13

Hayley Geurts is so full from church bring and share lunch AND birthday BBQ! No food needed tomorrow…
30 May at 18:39

Hayley Geurts just played Cluedo DVD game with family, what fun! Anyone else fancy it?
30 May at 22:15

Hayley Geurts wonders where the lovely weather has gone?? It was gorgeous yesterday (if a bit windy) for Sam’s BBQ. Sigh…
31 May at 13:03

Hayley Geurts is arranging flowers! Love it!
03 June at 10:18

Hayley Geurts is tired. So so tired…
03 June at 21:47

Hayley Geurts is off out with my girlifriends. Looking forward to some good food, wine and great company!
04 June at 20:04

Hayley Geurts is opening her home up from 5pm tonight for BBQ! Wanna come? Bring meat, food, drink and chair!
05 June at 12:35

Hayley Geurts had a lovely afternoon with family.
06 June at 20:42

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