Chemo Number 6

Some Facebook updates:

Hayley Geurts chemo number 6, here I come. Final one! Woop woop!!
28 June at 07:20

Hayley Geurts has the poison running round her system but is feeling relatively ok. Now watching The Netherlands whoop the Slo’s. :o) Hup Holland!!
28 June at 16:30

Hayley Geurts chemo number 6, final one, went ok, no drama, no pain, no sickness. Slept well last night. Feeling drained today, but doing ok.
29 June at 12:01

Hayley Geurts has taken up an amazing and generous offer of a weekend away by friends from old that she hasn’t seen in years! God’s kingdom astounds me!
30 June at 00:54

Hayley Geurts is feeling ok today! Drained for sure, but nothing like previous times! Praise God! No more chemo! Say it with me! No more CHEMO! Woop woop!
30 June at 11:29

Hayley Geurts is still lacking energy, but the poison is almost gone and I’m meeeee again! Woohoo!
01 July at 10:55

Hayley Geurts tired tired tired…
01 July at 21:38

Hayley Geurts is on her way back… Tiredness slowly going! Watch out world, Hayley’s nearly back!!
02 July at 10:31

Hayley Geurts wants to cry. It’s nearly over, but now just drained and every bone in my body aches. 24 hours more? I’m nearly there…
02 July at 19:08

Hayley Geurts is relieved. Feeling at about 75% now. Praise God for bringing me through this!!
03 July at 10:58

Hayley Geurts is so happy to be up and about, playing Mariokart with her beloved and having a glass of rose!
03 July at 22:32

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