Chemo Number 5

Some Facebook updates:

Hayley Geurts ‎- chemo number 5 today. Bring it on! Lord, only with you can I handle this.
07 June at 08:51

Hayley Geurts it all went ok, chemo is in, doing it’s thing. Now in bed resting/sleeping off the initial side effects.
07 June at 14:17

Hayley Geurts thinks her hubby @dmgeurts is one in a million! I love you so much! Thank you for looking after me and the boys through this tough time. X
07 June at 17:53

Hayley Geurts can’t sleep. Arms so achy, pins and needles type of ache. Please, if you’re still awake, pray for me?
07 June at 23:44

Hayley Geurts I’m awake but feeling like I haven’t slept properly. Blah!
08 June at 11:29

Hayley Geurts is tired and drained from chemo number 5, but soldiering on…
08 June at 19:13

Hayley Geurts still tired but is finding supernatural energy to keep going.
09 June at 10:04

Hayley Geurts is trying to rest. Come on girl, you remember how…
10 June at 12:43

Hayley Geurts would really love to just go to sleep and wake up when my energy has come back fully. It’s horrid waking from a nap still feeling drained!!
10 June at 16:27

Hayley Geurts had enough energy to rustle up a Spanish sweet potato tortilla for lunch. Yum!!
11 June at 13:02

Hayley Geurts would like to thank Sue Harrison for a scrummy meal this evening! You guys are spoiling us! Thank you thank you thank you!!
11 June at 19:09

Hayley Geurts is at the achy, can’t get comfy in any position stage of chemo number 5. Means it’s nearly over! Looking forward to my 2 good weeks again.
11 June at 21:32

Hayley Geurts is getting there. Fatigue is almost gone, life almost back to “normal”. Lord, strengthen me today.
12 June at 10:55

Hayley Geurts had a wonderful meal, cooked by Grace (thank you!!) and had a half strawberry from her very own garden! Woohoo!
12 June at 18:47

Hayley Geurts had the most amazing meal ever!! Mum (and Dad) came over, took over my kitchen and produced a scrummy roast beef dinner with apple pie!
13 June at 22:01

Email to all:

Hello everyone,

Well, chemo number 5 was yesterday so I’m on the home stretch now! Only 1 more to go on the 28th June and it’s over! Woohoo!

I’m feeling very tired and drained and unfortunately that won’t get much better until about Saturday/Sunday. I’m getting used to it now in a way and even resting like I’m supposed to! Except now…. on the laptop, working! Heehee!

I hear more about my radiotherapy on Monday 14th June. All I know at the moment is that it will be starting on the 19th July and will be every day for three and a half weeks in Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. Hopefully it will mean lots of shopping trips and nice lunches out in Cambridge! Haha!

For those who have sent their addresses to me, thanks! Please could those who haven’t, do so! I have some nice invites to our party on the 17th July ready to go in the post to you all!

Big hugs!

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