Chemo Number 4

Some Facebook updates:

Hayley Geurts has chemicals running around her system. Still feeling ok though, thank God!
17 May at 14:40

Hayley Geurts is still feeling ok-ish. Had a mighty long sleep from 5pm til 8am! Hoping that the sickness and tiredness stays away today.
18 May at 09:32

Hayley Geurts Nanny has arrived to nurse me through the next couple of days. Bless her. I am so blessed by amazing family and friends. I thank God for you
18 May at 11:45

Hayley Geurts wants a lightening bolt of energy now please… Still feeling very drained.
20 May at 11:18

Hayley Geurts is in desperate need of divine direction right now…
20 May at 23:22

Hayley Geurts is sitting in her garden feeling very tired and drained of all energy but has a peace that only Jesus can give. Thank you Lord.
21 May at 11:53

Hayley Geurts is once again sitting in the garden, watching Djerk brick up his BBQ and the kids playing, praying for energy.
22 May at 11:12

Hayley Geurts loves watching Time Team. Is that wrong??
22 May at 14:37

Hayley Geurts has just sent her Sainsburys order, via @dmgeurts, including wine and chocolate. He’s such an amazing man, knows me well…
22 May at 18:48

Hayley Geurts is looking forward to see her mumsie, who is on her way! Yippee! Mummy-hugs!!
23 May at 09:29

Hayley Geurts just received a note from her eldest. “We all love you very much!!!! You will never leave this family, will you?” I cried…
23 May at 17:51

Hayley Geurts has been awake since 5:21am. Not sure whether I will get through the day…
25 May at 08:15

Email to all:

Hello everyone,

Well, I’m a week through chemo number 4 and I’m feeling really good! The bad week was actually not as bad as it has been, which is a real answer to prayer! My energy levels are now back up and I’m back to being busy with lots of things.

The 75th party invites will be sent out soon! I’m sooooo excited about the party. It’s going to be so amazing to have everyone under the same roof together! Yippee! Please could you all email back with your postal address please? I would like to have all of your addresses anyway, but it would help for the sending out of invites too! If you know that you reeeeeally can’t come to the party (if you live on the other side of the world then ok, I can accept that!) I will send you an email invite anyway!

Just a reminder that it’s on the 17th July at 7:30 in Letchworth (nr Hitchin!)

The other invitation I would like to put out there is for the 5th June. Djerk has finished building his BBQ (pic attached!) and we would like to invite everyone to come to our place on Saturday 5th June from 5pm for a bring and share kinda deal. Please bring food to throw on the BBQ, to keep Djerk (and the men who will naturally gravitate to the shrine) busy… other food stuffs and a bottle of something. Would love to see you there! Please let me know if you fancy coming along, just so I have an idea of numbers. :o)

I hope you are all well.
Lots of love,

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